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3 shot dead in violent clash between two groups in Rajasthan

ByJosh Taylor

Nov 27, 2022

Three people were murdered and several others were injured in a conflict between two factions in Bharatpur, Rajasthan.
According to police authorities, a violent battle broke out between two groups in the Bharatpur area on Sunday, resulting in three deaths and severe injuries. According to the Bharatpur police, two parties engaged in a violent brawl in Sakraura hamlet of Kumher in the Bharatpur district, which resulted in three persons being killed in gunfire and three others being injured.
‘Two parties got into a fight at Sakraura hamlet of Kumher in Bharatpur district. ‘A scuffle broke out between the Samundar and Lakhan groups, and three persons were killed in the ensuing gunfire, while three others were injured,’ stated ASP Anil Meena of Bharatpur.
Samundar, Ishwar, and Gajendra are the names of the three people that died. Anil Meena, ASP, Bharatpur, stated that the injured were sent to the hospital.
Following the event, a considerable number of police officers were deployed in the neighbourhood.
According to the authorities, the families of two neighbours had been feuding for quite some time. “At 1 a.m. on Sunday, both parties, one led by Samundar Singh and the other by Lakhan, began assaulting each other. When the gangs began firing, males joined the ladies on the terrace “Shyam Singh, superintendent of police in Bharatpur, stated
On November 24, both factions had a disagreement, and the local Panchayat convened to resolve it. The arrangement did not satisfy either of the families. “”One of the groups opened fire, murdering three brothers, one of whom was a RAC, and wounded three others, one of whom was a woman,” he stated.
Those injured were sent to Jaipur’s SMS hospital for further treatment.

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