• Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

A bizarre incident was seen inside the World Cup.

ByJosh Taylor

Nov 7, 2023

The World Cup has come in a different form at this time. All the teams are continuously putting in their efforts here. The wrong things are being said about them. The way decisions are made about all those teams. The way they look is important to them, and the spirit of the game that is constantly being played against them should not be hurt here. This kind of game is played continuously here.
Regarding which tomorrow’s match is going on, it is under discussion at this time. When yesterday’s match was played between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, many such incidents were seen. In a way, it was very different for cricket; it was not for cricket at all.

Due to such incidents, the feeling of the players and the people towards cricket has wholly changed. People appear to be entirely different from all humans and continue to ignore such things as much as they do. If efforts are made to do so, it will become more and more critical for them. The alarm is that yesterday’s match appeared to be a completely different match in which the players of Sri Lanka and Bangladesh were also growing among themselves in the manner of the Cricket World Cup. This type of match was seen for the first time when orders were given to take such massive action against any player. However, the wrong thing done by Shakib Al Hasan, which is a false appeal to him, has also been entirely criticized by the people. More criticism and the wrong view being given to Sakhi Wale Sun is also essential because, in this way, no player can move forward with his speed.

Sports sentiments are also being continuously hurt.

This thing is being seen very differently in that the spirit of the game is constantly being hurt against it because, for the nature of the game, the game is not being played here at all, and the game is not being played here. But a different egg is being played with, and even the big players are seen contributing to it; because of the kind of activities that are being done repeatedly, a lot of questions will be raised about many things. Regarding taking action against the rules made by the ICC, that was also done because the ICC constantly wants people to follow its rules completely. If there is any change in its practices, then this will be done. How people see this kind of change becomes very important for them. Look, they need to know about all the things. It is also necessary for people to know about all the things.

If anyone does it with such pleasure to hurt the sentiments of the game constantly, then a decision would have been taken to take appropriate action against him, but it was entirely wrong for us to take such a decision. The umpire should have thought a lot about some decisions, but he gave them out without thinking yesterday. People are continuously saying such things, demanding action against the station. If no one The more I try to keep an eye on you, the better it will be for them. They need to have complete information about all these things, due to which the environment as a whole will be terrible. Ideas are also being expressed here to innovate

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