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America is discussing the Ukraine war with Russia

ByJosh Taylor

Jul 8, 2023

America is constantly trying to run inside the world. Its vision is to remain a symbol of peace in the country and abroad in the coming times, and that is why it is seen continuously discussing with it because between Russia and Ukraine During the war that is going on; many wrong results have come to the fore, and a different message seems to be reaching the country. However, this conversation America has also yet to share, while it has not officially said that it has held any talks with America.

The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on continuously for the last 18 months, and till now, this war is not even taking the name of stopping. It has also suffered a lot during the war, while Ukraine has suffered a lot. He has had to suffer inside the country, so both countries want that they should not give up on each other; where Ukraine is a small country and not as powerful as Russia, which is not even ready to give up and Ukraine. While many other countries are continuously supporting, and Russia is constantly showing its power, if it continues like this, then it can have many side effects in the coming times.

Russia wants to take over Ukraine.

Russia’s constant effort is to capture Ukraine in one way or the other because by capturing Ukraine, it wants to take over the power there because most of the oil is present inside Ukraine at this time. Because of this effect, Russia has also been seen continuously attacking Ukraine, and this attack can be seen increasing constantly. And if it continues like this, this big and powerful country will soon establish its dominance over a small country like Ukraine.

Russia has said it will not back down from using the war in any way, but America has started continuous talks with them. They want the symbol of peace between the two countries to stop this war because this method seems to be causing loss to both countries, where the population of Ukraine has been destroyed. The soldiers of Russia have also been killed there in large numbers, and if this war goes on continuously, too many people may die. The results for both countries may be wrong, and the future of both countries will also be in great danger.

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