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An undercover Indore policewoman uncovers a ‘ragging gang’ at a medical institution.

ByJosh Taylor

Dec 13, 2022

Meet Shalini Chouhan, a 24-year-old Madhya Pradesh police constable who was instrumental in the recent ragging crackdown.
She’d be in college every day, bag on her shoulder, chatting with pals, eating in the canteen, and “bunking” class like any other student. But she wasn’t. She was an undercover detective gathering evidence on campus ragging.
Shalini Chouhan, a 24-year-old Madhya Pradesh police constable, was instrumental in the recent ragging crackdown at the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College in Indore.
During 3 months, she identified 11 older students reportedly involved in the severe ragging of first-year students. The seniors have indeed been suspended from of the institution and the hostel for 3 months.
On the undercover operation, Ms Chauhan and her superior, Inspector Tehzeeb Qazi, mentioned a few things.
Mr Qazi stated that they have received anonymous reports concerning ragging from pupils. According to the complaints, first-year students were forced to perform vulgar acts such as pretending to have sex with pillows. However, the complainants did not come forward or name the accused, possibly due to fear of harassment, according to the officer.
We went and checked on the campus, but the pupils were too scared to come forward when they saw us in uniform. We attempted to locate the complainants’ phone numbers, but the helpline’s guidelines prohibited us from doing so,” the officer stated.
“So we reverted to plain old-fashioned ground-level police.” Shalini and the other constables were asked to spend time in plain clothes on and around campus, chatting with students at the canteen and tea stalls nearby. As they began talking to junior pupils, they learned of the terrifying experience they were having. “This is how we collected witnesses and broke the case,” Mr Qazi explained.
The officer stated that this was a “completely fresh experience” for her. “Every day, I pretended to be a student and went to college. At the canteen, I talked with students. I would talk about myself, and they gradually began to open up and confide in me “She stated.
When asked if the pupils ever questioned her, she replied, “They would occasionally raise questions, but I would avoid them by changing the subject. They didn’t think about how packed the canteen would be “She stated.
During her undercover trips to the university, she said she would bring a book bag and dress up as a college student. “I’d make sure I appeared like a student,” she explained.

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