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Arbaaz Khan said that his family is still unbreakable.

ByJosh Taylor

Aug 3, 2023

Arbaaz Khan is an actor from the Khan family, and he has worked in many films in Bollywood continuously since the 1990s; he has been working in films with his brother Salman Khan Sohail Khan and his father, Salim Khan. He is also a good writer and director, and his whole family is connected to the film world, his stepmother Lena Hai was also a very famous dancer, so no person was doing any kind of activity in his family. Everyone is connected to Bollywood, but Salim Khan’s first wife was Salma; she has always been away from Bollywood, and she has never worked in any films inside Bollywood, nor has she ever participated in any acting, and she has always been in movies. She stays away, but ever since Salim Khan got married for the second time, people got to see some distance between the two.

Arbaaz Khan said during an interview that even after so many years, his family is completely broken, and everyone likes to sit in one place and talk. He said that it had been 17 years since his father married Helena. His mother was very sad too, but she ultimately accepted Hai Lena. Both started living under one roof and on one side, where her mother, Salma, used to live and, on the other hand, Salim Khan’s new wife. Helena used to live in the meantime; Arbaaz Khan said that his family is always seen enjoying; they all sit in one place and talk a lot, eat food at one home, and Salman Khan, Sohail Khan and Sohail Khan’s wife. He likes to live very much and is pleased that he has taken birth in Salim Khan’s house.

Arbaaz Khan said that Helena always gave him childlike love.

Salman Khan was seen giving an interview to a media reporter yesterday, and in that interview, he ultimately talked about his family; he also discussed the divorce between himself and Malaika Arora, and he said that There is still a lot of friendship between them, but they had made up their mind to be entirely away from each other, due to which they cannot live together at all. However, the children of both of them also started living entirely away. And both of their children are in London for studies. He said he constantly meets her and has tea together, but now they can never live together. He told him he was also not ready for this, and if anything happened, he would tell the media about it.

Arbaaz Khan said that he has always treated them like his own children and never deleted them as someone else’s child, which is why Salim Khan made her his wife, although he also said that Salim Khan is still his wife. The mother, who is Salma, holds her hand and keeps talking to her for hours. She never took away her first mother and still lives there, enjoys being together and keeps everything exactly as it is. Everything is normal. They lack nothing and do not allow us to come into our house. And in this way, the home of the Khan family is a perfect environment, and they never see any deficiency there.

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