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Big Boss 16: Tears, drama and entertainment scale up as family members enter the house.

ByJosh Taylor

Jan 11, 2023

It’s the time for the season when Big Boss 16 welcomes the family members of housemates in the house. In tonight’s episode, the first family member to enter the house is Vahida Tadavi mother of MC Stan. Both the rapper and his mother burst out in tears when they hug each other after three months of living apart from each other. His mother also told him that he’s is doing so well and that people outside the house loved him. She cheers him making courage and making everyone proud.

His mother also advises every housemate to respect each other’s parents. She also reveals that when there is a fight between MC Stan and Archana Gautam, both appear in a bad light in front of viewers. She also talks about the friendship of Shiv Thakre an MC Stand, that people are loving their friendship. While all the housemates are whispering about the energy MC Stan’s mother brings to the house, at the same moment Big Boss announces that in the second freeze announcement, Archaana’s brother is going to enter the house.

Whoever complained about Archana you all can tell his brother. Watch today’s episode to know what will happen when Archana’s brother entered the house. After the third freeze announcement, Nimrit’s father Gurpreet Singh Ahluwalia walks into the house as the proud father of Nimrit Ahluwalia. As Bigg Boss said release Nimrit hugged her father tightly. Her father also meets the mandali of Nimrit, Shiv Thakre, MC Stan, Sajid Khan, and Abdu Rozik with great pleasure.

He also has given Abdu Rozik a tight hug. But when he meets Priyanka, his daughter’s biggest rival and says to her that he is very much glad that there is another army kid in the show. The contestants are so excited to meet their family members after a journey of 3 months full of drama and fun. When Farha Khan enters the house of Big Boss, she just ran to her brother and they cried after seeing each other she is so proud and happy to see her brother like this. He is performing so well.

Don’t miss the episode of today it’s a family week with lots of drama and emotions. Some contestants’ parents will be happy to see their kids but for some, it will turn the game.

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