• Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

BJYUs has been exposed now

ByJosh Taylor

Aug 20, 2023

Reality of the most important online teaching platform byju’s has been exposed over the period of time and this has been something which is been resulting in the winding up of the company in the times to come because the kind of videos that have been available on the social media platform is actually resulting in the decreasing user bees over the time and people continue to operate in this way then automatically becoming difficult for the multiple people to find out the reason behind all of this activity. It is going to be a tough the session for the seeing a management or think of the future because it is already whisky to continue the company because it has been incurying a lot of losses in the times to come and has not only with with respect to losses but also the types of the management that has depleted over the period of time because most of the employees have been leading the company and all of them who have left the company of posted about the toxic work culture of the company basically has. The companies going to get some amazing concerns for a lot of issues and this has not been something which has been propounded by the people to a great extens but depends upon the reason which things have been working and the ways in which it will be moving in the best direction.

It is going to be a Useful information which will always have the best possible kind of aspect over the period of time but when it comes to understand importance of education then people cannot simply just play a way with the sentiments of the parents work been sending such a huge amount of money for the education of the children and the just cannot provide this quality of service to them because it is completely gets the contractual liabilities that they have under taken and now everybody is under taking an action games it is also expected with the company would be now going until litigation because most of the people but not been the position to get to post situation out of it and this is not something with is going to make any sense in the future. It will be helpful only when the people are taking some active efforts against all of these activities because until unless some active effort have not be made in automatically it will become difficult for the PP to find out why things asking getting so complicated and what would be the future follow these aspects.

Multiple complains have already been finding multiple departments against the company and the management is not doing anything to solve them up because according to them they are not doing anything wrong but now sincerelying as become public they have got no out the option than to except whatever they are doing because this has been completed for them to find out then what is ultimate reality that will be fees but the people in the times to come. It has not been so great for a lot of people to accept the reality but this is how it actually functions over the period of time because it is suffering which is beyond the level of scope for a lot of people to understand that things that not be moving if the direction that we want it to move and this is something which is actually going to take a tall on a lot of people over the people of time because most of the people do not even expect them to happen anytime soon because this is something which is going to effect the economy in the long run

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