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CBSE introduces changes to reduce burden

ByJosh Taylor

Jun 2, 2023

CBSE has decided to change the syllabus for the students in order to improve the quality of education especially in the field of science. According to the latest update the class 10th Chemistry students will not be in the position to study periodic table because the most important objective of education is to make the students understand the concepts and not to overburden them. According to the sources the present students in class 10th have to go through the chapter of classification in elements. It basically discusses the periodic table and introduces the concepts which the students will anyway study in class 11. The change has been brought because many students do not want to opt for science in class 11th and there is no point to teach the students these complicated concepts because they end up mitigating these concepts over a period of time.

It is important to understand that this decision has been taken a long time ago even during the covid-19 but it has been implemented now for the best interest of the students. After the pandemic a lot of awareness with respect to the maintenance of mental health has come into being. That is why the students should now focus on their overall development. In order to reduce the boarding from the students such complicated chapters have been deleted from the subject matter.

A decision has also been taken to reduce the syllabus for biology and also remove the chapter for human evolution which discusses the difficult process of genetics. anyway these students opting for science stream the study in class 11th and class 12th in great detail. It is only in the best interest of the students that this decision has been taken so that the students only read the subjects which will help them to stratify their result over the period of time.Suggestions have also been made in order to change the syllabus for Social Studies and especially history because it is very complicated and lengthy for the students for the time being. In the place of these deleted chapters, there is a need to understand that the students must read new concepts and learn new ideas. That is why a new chapter related to the development of immunity will be added so that the students are made conversant with the ways with the help of which it becomes possible to get new ideas and also at the same point of time they realize the importance of fighting emergency which the pandemic had taught the entire world.

All of the multiple concepts will be integrity to the syllabus as soon as possible in order to make it holistic and trendy at the same point of time.

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