• Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

Cocaine samples found in Imran Khan’s urine medical report

ByJosh Taylor

May 27, 2023

Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan is currently stuck in a very big case, and it is being seen continuously that he is not coming out of this case at all. For the last several days, the government there and the police force there have been continuously engaged in the Same thing. After all, the way Imran Khan had done a scam of 60 billion with the people there, in that Imran Khan will be blamed in one way or another. I will continue to get punished. Imran Khan has said many times in this context that he is not guilty in any way, and the Army Chief is making false allegations against him. Still, he will continue to prove Imran wrong.

After this, I had a medical test done on Imran Khan by the police force there and a medical test of his urine done on Friday; cocaine was found in his sample and his body. Cocaine has been found inside. This means that he has also consumed cocaine, and for the last six months, the person he was talking about had a fracture, let alone a small scratch; he did not even notice a fracture. It will be seen as excessive because if, in this way, wrong allegations are being leveled against them by the people there and the way they have made excuses there, it can prove to be very wrong for them.

The Army Chief said it is difficult or almost impossible for Imran Khan to escape now.

Pakistan’s Army Chief has said it is very difficult for Imran Khan to survive because he will now be punished there. Now no matter how hard he tries, he will not be able to escape in any way, and since the way cocaine sample has been found inside his urine, even more, stringent action can be seen against him there. On the other hand, the local police force there has also said that if Imran Khan does such a dirty act and the way he was seen taking advantage of his prime ministership, he will be punished after that. It is necessary.

Imran Khan is the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, and he was removed from there after a big scam of 60 billion within his tenure. After that, Pakistan got a new Prime Minister, but Imran Khan forgot that the way he looted the public, the case has dominated him, and the way he kept 40 terrorists in the house in the last few days. Even now, he is under suspicion, and it may prove to be very dangerous for him in the coming times as well, and he may have to stay inside the jail for a long time.

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