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Congress calls BJP in Karanataka a mess

ByJosh Taylor

Jul 9, 2023

The Congress government in the state of Karnataka is now taking up all the responsibilities of this state and it is only because of the better that it is fine to improve the efficiencies of the other parts of the government. In one of the recent kind of interviews it was in the position to explain to all the people out there that Karnataka has been able to survive only with the help of the policies made by the Congress government because the BJP government did not even leave for single stone unturned to destroy the city as a whole.

it had to be taken into account as one as possible for getting a bitter evaluation of all of this. The Congress government has clearly statement in order to develop India in the long run and that it was only with the help of this particular ministry that some kind of changes took place over the period of time. It is important to understand that the kind of success that has been made over the period of time is completely incredible and these kind of features will definitely help the country in the long run two sustain the kind of challenges which is the global economy is posing everyday.

The financial instability that has been developed over the period of time is something which definitely becomes a matter of concern for a lot of people and it has to be given a proper solution over the period of time for better will being because this is something which will have its own effects and it has to be taken to account because the policy of the BJP government for definitely able to develop cities Bangalore in Karnataka and make that the Silicon Valley of India and the long run and the claim of Congress government that BJP government in nothing is completely not sustainable and many leaders even from the own parties have decided to take a tall on the statement made by the Congress in the long run because it does not make any sense to them. The Congress government basically wants to know the reason you to which BJP could not develop Karnataka in the way in which it had basically thought of doing but there is a lot of controversy behind this question because at that point of time their existed a possibility that people could not take up aggies due to the existing pandemic.

In such a kind of situation it becomes important to understand that the kind of success that the government has been able to take if incredible and it is only with the help of proper measures that something can be done about it in the long run because it will only help the people to note a lot of things in the future which are not known to people today. The government wants to get a neck of everything and it is only with the help of proper investigation that the truth can come out in something can be done with it

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