• Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

Congress MLAs are constantly receiving death threats.

ByJosh Taylor

Oct 16, 2023

Elections are to be held in many states of India, and there is a need to be fully informed regarding this. The government has done a lot in continuously disseminating information, and there has never been any lack of effort in the election campaign. It has not been kept here, and they did not tell me at the time what things are established here in the country party. I was constantly trying to depend on them as much as possible. Then, it will be utterly dependent on the Congress Party. Because of the enormous achievements here, the Congress Party continuously wanted anyone joining them here to be deleted to move forward; if anyone has to finish well, then The Congress Party will always be ready for that. The Congress Party is never the party that looks back, and if anyone of its own here comes in front of it and sees anything like this happening, it will go all out for that.

Accepting the challenge has been continuously competently understood in the Congress party. How they have adapted to the situation of contesting elections in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh accordingly, the atmosphere here is very brilliant. He had created his environment so that his complete dominance started appearing in a different direction. He began getting opportunities here to do something, and the times would be crucial for the Congress Party here. It is going to be a big time that the Congress Party is one of those big parties which not only on the strength of their party but have also done a lot of work and development continuously. On the strength of this development, they will never be defeated from behind. I didn’t get a chance to go. The few known officials of Congress have been seen coming in a very wrong manner.

Big challenge for Congress party in Rajasthan

There can be a big challenge for the IS battery inside Rajasthan because, inside Rajasthan, they will get to see a Bhojpuri thing on us. If the former MLA of Congress says that, then the former MLA, during the time of Congress, is running the government of Rajasthan. He is working in India, and he is getting constant threats. There is talk of threats from the Bharatiya Janata Party that the significant and troublesome leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party is also getting death threats. He was constantly being tortured in such a way that he should leave from here and go upwards; from here, he could go in a good direction, and in a complete routine, he could get all the things there that he needed in future.

The continuous politics regarding the elections was very much needed in this. In any way, no one can look down on the situation of the polls here. They will always be looked down upon in this situation of the elections, which is the most important thing about them. It will be seen which party will go according to the election results, and whichever party will ultimately depend on itself here will be seen working for itself completely; it can get a very high majority here. He is constantly seen doing whatever work he has to do for this and doing it at the party.

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