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Cops become SHOW-STOPPER in A.R. Rahman’s live music concert in Pune

ByJosh Taylor

May 2, 2023

The moments of joy and excitement came to an end when the music concert of great Singer AR Rahman was stopped at Pune. As per the report, the singer was performing live in Pune when the Cops arrived at the venue to stop the show. The video of the show also went viral on various social media platforms.
AR Rahman was performing one of his hit songs Chaiyya Chaiyya when the Cops arrived at the place.
The show after 10 pm becomes the reason for its halt
The limit of 10 pm is not just for the common public but also applies to artists. AR Rahman performed even after 10 pm due to which the Cops arrived to stop the concert. However, the fans of AR Rahman felt disappointed but the rule remains the rule for everyone.
The singer did not follow the rule and so he was stopped from performing beyond 10 pm. The permissible time to perform in the event is 10 pm.
DCP’s statement on the event
DCP of Pune Smartana Patil said that Rahman was performing on his last track but did not realize that the time was beyond 10 pm. This reason made the Cops arrive at the venue and stop the show quickly. Pune Police conveyed the message to the singer and told him about the SC guidelines.
Singer shares the images of the concert
Soon after the incident, AR Rahman shared some pictures of the Pune Concert on his Twitter account. He thanked the huge audience and promised to perform soon. The singer termed the show as a roller coaster ride with a lot of things to remember for his fans.
The singer’s concert was held at Raja Bahadur Mill in Pune between 8 pm and 10 pm. But Rahman exceeded the time limit and he was stopped by Pune Police for violating the SC guidelines.

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