• Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

Curfew in manipur again

ByJosh Taylor

Aug 4, 2023

The level of violence in the country have to be pretty amazing but for the time being it actually became a reality because it became possible for the people to find some kind of peace in Manipur for a period of 2 days and no kind of violent event was reported and in the light of these kind of development the government to give some kind of relaxation in the few so that people can travel from one place to another and the economy of the country can come back into the original spot. But one again the situation has gone because a group of people had server to boiling and had set all the buses of the State Transportation Commission on fire and this has been able to bring a shoes amount of loss of property and around 15 people have been enjoyed and 7 have been reported the died according to the latest updates and most of the people who are injured I definitely and it is difficult for the time being to understand that what would be the outcome these kind of development easily.

It is important to note for the time being that all of these kind of development will be helpful only when something constructive is taken into account and it is going to boost multiple type of challenges for the government because in the light of the latest activities that have taken place the government has just added to scrapped down all the kind of possible relaxations that the government has been able to claim from the people over the time. This means the strict you has been imposed once again and section 144 of the Indian penal code of criminal which basically makes it to assemble at any place and the government has also you do latest circular on the basis of which district considered in the most popular time all of these kind of issues have been able to grapes attention of the Government and the matter is also going to the central government. This is the perspective with the government will definitely need in the times to come and it will be useful because each government must understand that this is the course of action which is going to take place and ultimately people will be monitoring all of this.

The satisfaction of the people are this particular point of time is not required because what makes sense is to find out the actual reality behind all of the situation because multiple prospect have already been linked on for a long time and the government has to do something as one as possible because even though poses in leaders have started criticizing the government is not doing anything in order to control this situation in the country and it is getting out of control for the time being to understand what will be the future of the north east and part of the country in the light of the latest development

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