• Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

David Warner was in great form before the ICC World Cup.

ByJosh Taylor

Sep 10, 2023

This time, the ICC World Cup will be held entirely inside India, and India is ready to host the country well. India wants to leave all stone unturned here. All the grounds are prepared for this. This has been done, and the BCCI has also said that they are re-investigating the settings where no problems are being found so that the upcoming matches will be played entirely one after the other. He does not want any shortcomings to be kept here. If he sees any flaws here, he will ultimately try to work on them, so such a big tournament will be organised like the BCCI. He also wants to thank the ICC for organising it and will always try to make such a big tournament successful. The entire team is currently busy in preparations for India-Pakistan Nepal. All these teams are seen playing in the Asia Cup, while other groups are seen playing series at different places.

To get it, first of all, qualifying rounds are conducted in which many teams participate and are fully qualified. Alankar was also successful in this. Sri Lanka and Netherlands are the teams that get included in the World Cup through the qualifiers. She is seen preparing from South Africa and has won the ODI series with South Africa, where before the ODI series, she ultimately won the T20 series there, but the way it is told. It is said that when the Australian team comes near the World Cup, they start playing very well and with that, they are seen playing with a better game there, although their entire team is there. But it is not so; some players were also given rest before the World Cup, but the Australia-South Africa team is still beating them well there.

South Africa lost the ODI series after T20.

South Africa’s team is also considered very good in ODI because it continuously plays good cricket. Still, the way Australia’s team starts playing well as the World Cup approaches, South Africa’s team is also considered very good in ODI. The team is doing precisely the opposite. It plays excellent cricket throughout the year and prepares well for the World Cup within four years, but as the World Cup approaches, it becomes fragile, making it challenging for them to come up on time. They also lose the huge chances they have to win the World Cup. Although South Africa is one of the best teams in the world, as the World Cup approaches, they create pressure on themselves continuously and due to the stress, they have to be out of the World Cup.

David Warner is looking in great form at the moment, and in yesterday’s match against South Africa, which Tehsil won by 125 runs, Dat Hona scored a brilliant century. However, this century of David Warner came after a long time. He was not scoring runs consistently, even in Test cricket, after which he was again brought into ODI cricket to be fully prepared for the World Cup. However, he was a good batsman in all three formats: date and net. Be it ODI, T20 or Test cricket, he performs very well everywhere, but for the last few days, he was not in this form, after which the Australian Cricket Board was constantly worried about him. Still, now this concern is entirely over.

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