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Difficult times for Mumbai Killer

ByJosh Taylor

Jun 8, 2023

Another incident has shaken the confidence of a lot of people. It is important to understand that according to the sources, a 56 year old man was arrested in Mumbai for killing his live-in partner. Both of them have been living together for the past 7 years. Not only the man brutally murdered his partner but also chopped her body parts and told that to him. By the time the police had found the body it had already started decomposing and also caused a foul smell among the neighbours.

The man has been taken into custody and also started the investigation about the way in which this crime was executed. Such kinds of incidence have been increasing throughout the country and it has been responsible for disturbing the economic and social pattern of the society. Due to this kind of incident the landlords have become very particular about providing their flats for tenants. It is important to note that the police has also confirmed that it was not the first time that he had killed his live-in partner because according to the sources he was absconding from the police for the past 10 years and he already has killed two women beforehand. It is one of the most important aspects that all the people are wondering about.

His living partner was only 32 years old. He had stored her body parts in different cupboards and buckets. Some reports of the analysis of her body parts also reveal that she had consumed poison on 4th June and many people so that poison was coming out of her mouth. The culprit also admitted that he did not force her to commit suicide and after she had left the world he decided to cut her body parts into pieces and dispose them of so that he is not taken into custody at any cost because he does not have any involvement in all this time. When the police reached the spot they found her feet, were dipped in a hot pot in the kitchen and were ready to boil. According to the investigation it took place around 3 to 4 days back. The police came to the spot after neighbours complained about the found smell which was coming from his flat for a couple of days and he was not even responding to any of these demands.

Some people also feed the body parts of his girlfriend to the stray dogs and even throw some of the parts to the public dustbins. He wanted to dispose of all the body parts separately so that it is difficult for the people to identify what he is actually doing. It is important to understand that all the witnesses and evidence is against him and there is no way out by the means of which he can escape punishment. It is a serious crime against humanity and the police have to do something about it immediately to teach a lesson to all those people who are planning to undertake such measures.

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