If you have never worked in Canada and you want to get CPP, then you will get detailed information about it here.Get detailed information about how much CPP you will get to cover your bills every month and how. To get CPP, If You Have Never Worked In Canada, you will be given detailed information here; you will have to read it completely.

You will have to get complete information because if you want to take advantage of the Canada Pension Scheme, then how can you apply for it?. Let us tell you which candidates are eligible for the Canada Pension Plan and how to apply for the Canada Pension Plan if you want to get complete information about how you can optimize your payment in retirement. Information about this will also be given in detail.

If you are a resident of Canada and have just now done a job or are a resident of another country and you have settled in Canada and you want to get a CPP, then this is very important. Canada Pension Plan/Quebec Pension Plan This plan is issued to every Canadian employee who makes contributions to the Canada Pension Plan and provides for all family members, retirees, disabilities or people whose earnings have stopped due to death. If there is no work in your family and no one does a job, then you can take advantage of the Canada Pension Scheme. For this, your age should be less than 60 years, and you can apply.

Canada Pension Scheme/Quebec Pension Scheme Canadian To apply, people must be above 18 years of age and must be below 60 years of age; only then will you be eligible to apply. On today’s date, everyone wants to get money sitting at home, and many people misuse this scheme, but here, you have to submit a legal certificate. Only then do you get the benefit of this scheme and let us tell you the basic discount amount.

Every Canadian citizen earns more than. Do you get CPP if you have never worked in Canada? You will get the answer to this question in this article, but for this, you will have to do a complete raid like this; only then will you be able to get the complete information.

CPP/QPP Eligibility in Canada 2024

Talking about CPP eligibility, let us tell you that to avail yourself of the benefits of the Canada Pension Plan, you have to go through an income-based social program. This scheme has been launched to protect all Canadian citizens who do not work or whose member dies or becomes disabled while working to avoid loss of income.

If you are 59 years of age and at least one month before your birthday, you can avail yourself of the benefit of the Canada Pension Scheme. Here, eligibility will be explained in detail, including how you can be eligible for the Canada Pension Scheme and how you can get the payment.

Will give information. Let us tell you if you want to apply and get benefits for CPP/QPP eligibility in Canada 2024. It has been launched to cover the financial loss of your family, and you can do it very easily. To apply for this, you should be legally at most 60 years of age, and you can apply for this scheme. If any accident happens to you due to which you are not working, then you and your family can take advantage of this scheme.

If you are not going to do any other work, then this scheme is going to be very beneficial for you. Here, we will give you detailed information about CPP/QPP eligibility in Canada 2024; please understand it carefully.

● To apply for the Canada Pension Scheme, it is mandatory to be less than 59 years of age by one month.
● After applying, if you turn 65, your payment will start, and the CPP/QPP payment will start going to your account within 12 months.
● The eligibility criteria for the Canada Pension Plan is that you must have worked in the country of Canada for some time, even if you are not currently working there.
● You have to apply before 60 years of age; after that, as soon as you apply, you start getting benefits after 65 years.
● To take advantage of CPP/QPP, you must be a resident of Canada, even if you have been a resident of any other country before, but as of today, you must have a Canadian ID certificate.
● You can apply for the Canada Pension Scheme CPP any time after the age of 18 and up to the age of 60.
● To avail yourself of the benefits of CPP, you can apply by visiting the official website. The application process is online.
● For the Canada Pension Scheme CPP, if you have ever worked and you have met with an accident due to which you have become disabled or you had a guardian in your house who has died, and now there is no one in your house to earn money. Still, you can take advantage of this scheme by applying.

CPP Payment Dates 2024

Canada Pension Plan CPP is paid at the end of every month. Under this scheme, payment is made at the same time for life support to people with disabilities and children, if you apply, along with the services provided as per Canadian rules. According to that, if we talk about the date, a new date has been issued for the year 2024.

All the dates for CPP Payment Dates 2024 are given below. All the dates have been fixed for every month. If we tell you that CPP Circle receives benefits, then you can check directly from the official website. Process will also be given to apply; on this date, you will be paid for Canada Pension Scheme 2024.

● 27 January 2024
● 24 February 2024
● 29 March 2024
● 27 April 2024
● 27 May 2024
● 28 June 2024
● 27 July 2024
● 29 August 2024
● 27 September 2024
● 27 October 2024
● 28 November 2024
● 21 December 2024

How do you apply for the Canada Pension Scheme(CPP) 2024?

1. To apply for the Canada Pension Scheme (CPP) 2024, firstly you have to go to the official website.
2. Open CPP home page.
3. On the home page, you will get the CPP Pension option from Service Canada; you will have to click on it.
4. Now Open application form.
5. In the application form, required details have to be entered, such as a birth certificate or other proof of birth, social insurance number (SIN), ID proof, etc., and complete details.
6. Now Submit this form by email.
7. In this way, you can apply for the Canada Pension Scheme and avail yourself of its benefits.

The benefit of CPP/QPP is that whenever you work and you meet with an accident that causes you to become disabled or die, your family is financially supported. The Government of Canada has launched this scheme for all the candidates of Canada who need to work. All of them can get money under the scheme sitting at home; for this, you need to submit medical documents because only if you apply legally are you given benefits under this scheme.

For all those who are applying for the Canada Pension Scheme CPP Disability Benefit, the age limit should be less than 65 years and 70 years. If you are already disabled by birth, then you can still apply because here, To apply, you only need to provide medical documents and fill out the application form.

If you want to apply for this scheme and are applying for the life of a spouse or common legal partner of Contributor, then this is very important. A date has been issued under this pension for 2024. The date of when the money will be transferred to you every month has also been given.


You can apply online for the Canada Pension Scheme CPP 2024 and submit the application form by email. Do you get CPP if you have never worked in Canada? The answer to this question is yes, you can apply very easily, and you can take advantage of this scheme without doing any work.

Let us tell you that the benefits of the CPP scheme are available to especially disabled people or those whose life partner has died, and now you need financial support; then you can get a pension.