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Earthquake keeps the capital shaking for 2 minutes

ByJosh Taylor

Mar 22, 2023

After the massive earthquake at Turkey and Syria, even Afghanistan is hit by a huge earthquake of magnitude 6.6 on the Richter scale. The earthquake was so strong that its tremors were felt in Delhi-NCR. Delhi-NCR felt the tremors at about 10.20 pm
Residents left the buildings after the tremors
The constant shaking of the region caused fear in the people of Delhi-NCR. They were so terrified of the powerful tremors that they left the buildings and gathered on the roads. Some residents also said that they could see things falling in their houses due to tremors.
According to the latest report, the tremors lasted for about 2 minutes. However, there are no injuries, loss of property, or death recorded so far.
Earthquake strikes Afghanistan
Tuesday night was a night of fear and screams as a huge earthquake of 6.6 magnitudes hit Afghanistan. The region affected due to the quake was the Hindu Kush. This quake also left powerful effects in northern parts of India such as Punjab, Rajasthan, and Haryana.
National Center of Seismology shared that the Hindu Kush region is located at a distance of about 133 km in the southeast region of Fayzabad, Afghanistan.
Inspection of buildings in Delhi-NCR by fire service personnel
A few minutes back, the fire service personnel arrived in the Shakarpur area of Delhi-NCR. It inspected the tilted building. But the fire service personnel said the building is safe and did not tilt.
Some of the best engineers also checked the building and said that the building was made naturally with a different shape. The tilt is not due to the earthquake and people just panicked with fear of the earthquake in Shakarpur. There is not a single damage due to the quake as per the latest report.

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