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Earthquake tremors felt access India

ByJosh Taylor

May 29, 2023

According to the Indian seismological Institute several tremors of earthquake have been felt across the states of Punjab and Jammu And Kashmir on Sunday. The magnitude recorded on the scale has crossed 5.2 and it was also felt across the countries of Afghanistan. The interval of the earthquake was less than 50 seconds. According to the forces the epicentre of this earthquake is reported to be around the borders of Afghanistan. The magnitude was as high as 6 at the epicentre but gradually reduced as it across the other parts of the world. It is important to note that the level of the earthquake was very high initially and was reported initially but it gradually subdued over the period of time. Maximum number of tremors were felt across the regions of Srinagar at 11:19 a.m. Not only this but also different regions of Punjab and Haryana were also covered by the earthquake but no devastation has been reported for the time being. Proper investigations have been conducted and no loss has come into picture. Pakistan has also witnessed some kind of destruction for the time being but it has not been very massive.

It is important to understand that the 2005 earthquake was responsible for taking away the lives of around 75000 people. It was a major tragedy for Pakistan to witness and over the period of time the government has taken different steps in order to mitigate the loss caused due to such kind of natural calamity but the incidence of earthquakes in Pakistan is very common and has been increasing over the period of time. It has been quite a common scenario in Pakistan because there are earthquakes of different magnitudes over the period of time. The level of the earthquakes was not dangerous for the people to witness for the time being but if the magnitude crosses 6 then there is a danger for the people. This is one of the most important aspects which has to be taken into consideration.

With respect to India the incidence of earthquakes has not been very common and this region is not at all prone to earthquakes to a very great extent as the neighbouring countries of Pakistan and Afghanistan are prone to. The different types of tragedies that India has witnessed have been placed at very odd intervals. This is one of the most important considerations which must be taken into account over the period of time. Different people have not experienced any kind of such earthquakes over a long period but that does not mean that the danger has been mitigated. It will come up again once in a while and cause destruction which will not at all be suitable. It is important to bring the requisite change in the management of these incidents so that a better change can be introduced.

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