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Elon Musk has converted some Twitter offices

ByJosh Taylor

Dec 6, 2022

According to a story, Elon Musk has converted some Twitter offices in San Francisco into beds in response to a ‘hardcore’ ultimatum.
Elon Musk has converted some of Twitter’s office space in San Francisco into beds.
Forbes broke the story on Monday, citing sources.
Twitter employees noticed bare beds and curtains inside several offices and conference rooms at the company’s headquarters on Monday, according to two anonymous sources with knowledge of the situation. They also mentioned that one of the rooms had a plant in it.
Forbes acquired a photo of one of the converted bedrooms from a source. According to Forbes, the snapshot looked to show a queen size bed, a wooden bedside table, a table lamp, two armchairs, and a vivid orange carpet within the room.
According to the magazine, it was unknown how many bedrooms were in total, although one source suggested there may be between four and eight bedrooms each level. The rooms appeared “pleasant,” according to the source.
According to another person acquainted with the situation, a handful of the bedrooms were placed on a mostly empty floor. According to the source, a trash can in one of the office bedrooms already had waste inside, indicating that some employee had used the amenities.
“People are already working late hours, so it makes sense,” a source told Forbes.
Platformer’s Zo Schiffer tweeted on Tuesday that a Twitter worker told her that the library within Twitter’s offices had been converted into a “cosy” sleeping place.
According to one individual acquainted with the matter, Twitter failed to notify or explain to staff the rationale for the new office bedrooms. According to Forbes, they imagined the beds were intended for “hardcore” employees to utilise when working late at the office as part of Musk’s “Twitter 2.0.”
“It’s not a good look,” Forbes reported. “It’s another unsaid expression of disdain. There is no debate. Beds, for example, appeared.”
Twitter did not reply promptly to Insider’s request for comment issued after typical US business hours.
Musk issued an email to Twitter employees detailing his vision for “Twitter 2.0,” telling them that they would need to be “very hardcore” and work “long hours at high intensity” to stay at the firm. He hammered down on remote work in separate emails, saying it was more productive for staff to collaborate in person.

A Twitter employee tweeted a photo of his supervisor, Esther Crawford, the director of product management at Twitter, sleeping on the office floor in early November. Musk has admitted to sleeping on sofas at Tesla facilities and behind his desk so that his workers could see him during shift changes.

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