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Emergency door opens midway

ByJosh Taylor

Jun 18, 2023

A latest incident by one of the airlines has once again shocked the conscience of the people who were travelling on board. According to the sources while the plane was travelling all the way from Sao Luis to Salvador, the emergency door was open Midway and this was in the position to shock a lot of people in one go. A passenger from the board has posted this horrible video online and ever since the people have seen this video they are doubting the level of security that the airlines are able to offer to the passengers. It is important to note that the plane was travelling at an altitude of 12000 feet above the ground and it was about to land when this incident took place.

The oxygen level of the plane was impacted badly due to which some of the people had to experience breathlessness for sometime. It is important to note that the people who want to live in the particular country will have all the possibilities to improve their performance. It is with the help of better skills that improvement can take place over time. The authorities have decided to take a strict action against this negligence because even though injuries have been reported but still it is a very dangerous incident and anything could have happened in the air with no possible remedies available with the people. A strict action will be taken against all of them who are responsible for this at and it is expected that sum of the flights would be suspended as a punishment for this incident

It is important to note that a video after it was posted immediately became viral and the people did not know how to react on such a kind of incident which was never expected out of this particular incident. It is important to understand that most of the people do not even know how to react and this is something which is very irritating for the time being that such important people are not in the position to provide the protection that the people deserve during travel. It is important to punish all the people because if a lesson is not taught to them for the time being then automatically the level of complications will increase over time and it will make the situation worse for the people. Suspension of the direct route is heavy important so that such kind of mistakes can be taken note of in the future.

The people have decided to avoid flying through this particular flight because the trust and confidence of the customers have been taken to a great extent that it cannot be built as it is a matter of the safety and nobody would like to compromise the safety at any cost. It is upon the people to take a charge of this entire situation and also provide for a better solution so that the people who are willing to travel on board a saved from such from experience over the time.

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