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Excavations suggest latest developments in Madhya Pradesh

ByJosh Taylor

May 4, 2023

The archaeological Society of India has discovered a 1500 year old rock painting and different types of water bodies that were built 2000 years ago in the Bandhavgarh National Park. According to the archaeologists, this way depicts the trade route that was able to connect the traders from India to the Middle East part of the world. Along with these structures different types of Shelters were also discovered. All of this has been able to suggest that these Shelters were used like caves for the traders to take rest during the course of travel. The structures are being analysed by the archaeologists in order to discover the kind of society which existed a long time ago. The latest statement of the researchers depict that this was a strategic trade route that used to exist in the mediaeval period. Different types of other elements have also been discovered so far.

The presence of these caves and water bodies basically prove that the habitat was modern. There has been sufficient evidence to support renovation of all of these structures that was expected to take place around 1000 years ago. This has been for the first time that such structures have been discovered from a tiger reserve in Madhya Pradesh. It is important to note that all of these structures are man made and served very important purposes in the ancient period. For instance, the water bodies were used for rainwater harvesting and collecting the rainwater so that it could be used during the summer season. In addition the caves were used as Shelters. Different types of Rock paintings have also been discovered in this area.There are different types of artefacts also discovered from this area which have unique histories of their own.

Around 24 inscriptions and 46 statutes have also been excavated from the Earth. This has been followed by 26 ancient temples and two monasteries. In fact that evidence showcased that the entire region was a well planned town with all the basic facilities of modern nature. The different types of distinct features and all of this reflected the social dynamics of the society which existed at that point of time. It is important to note that all the people were indulged in trade during that time and this is evident from different types of warehouse-like structures discovered from the area.

It is important to mention that such kind of development has always been a matter of inspiration to get an insight about the previous world. The level of development could easily correspond to the available resources. This was one of the most important factor which had to be taken into consideration before understanding the entire structure.

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