• Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

GST counselling meeting will be held today

ByJosh Taylor

Aug 2, 2023

GST is levied as a tax inside India, which is obvious to the Indian public in our country. If we buy anything, then the GST tax is already imposed on it, and hence what is done by it. We go directly to the tax and the government, and the government benefits a lot from this; when the government implemented the GST tax on July 1, 2017, they said that this tax would be a complete tax, apart from which you will not have to pay any tax. There will be no need to pay any other tax, and the tax coming from the state will also be fully met, but now it is also coming to the fore that apart from this, the way many people are collecting tax, the government is against them. Even after taking strict action, it is seen.

After implementing the GST tax, for many days, the public got to see Raghu, the enthusiasm of this thing to increase the inflation rate. Still, the people did not gradually adopt the GST tax. After the implementation of the GST tax, the Indian economy took a considerable leap continuously; after this, the Indian public is also happy, and the Indian government is also pleased that the tax they implemented reached the general public, and the general public has accepted them. Still, now gradually GST. When the last meeting of the GST Council was held, the tax had increased a lot. They had increased the tax, which was 18%, on gaming applications or online gaming, and they had increased it entirely to 28%, due to which the ordinary public looked very disappointed.

Tax can be reduced even inside cinema halls in GST Council meetings.

During the meeting of the GST Council, maximum attention will be paid to the theatres and the way the government has said that it is very serious about online gaming and the way the inflation rate has increased within the online gaming application. The biggest reason for this is the GST tax, and now he is also talking about reducing it completely today; in this meeting, the total amount will be taken on how much that 28% tax can be reduced. Although when the last meeting was held, the tax on online gaming was only 18 per cent, the government had increased it to 10 per cent.

The general public has a lot of expectations from the meeting of the GST Council and the way today, many taxes can decrease, or many taxes can also increase, and the public is ultimately waiting for the result after this meeting. After all, what decision is taken and whether it comes in favour of the general public will be a matter to be seen, and the general public has expressed its views in such a way that they are pleased with every decision of the Government of India.

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