• Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

Historic moment for the Kerala story

ByJosh Taylor

May 18, 2023

The Mamta banerjee government has always been against the release of the movie because it is provocative and has that tendency to spread political violence in the state specially among the Muslim community. The officials of the west bengal government recently reported that it is the duty of the team government to maintain law and order to the maximum possible extent. According to them the movie has got every possible tendency to increase the level of political unrest. The movie is already subject to a lot of online political debate and criticism by leaders. The movie is not being approved by the public opinion for the time being. In the light of all of these reasons the west bengal government found it prudent to impose a ban on the screening of the movies so that peace could prevail in the region.

This Supreme Court has taken note of the entire situation and has decided to state this decision because it is an unjustified violation of the freedom of speech and expression. It has also taken into consideration the situation in Tamilnadu and has revealed in the order that there was no ban on the screening of the movie in Tamil Nadu and most of the cinemas had made arrangements for the release of the movie. The plea taken by the government of West Bengal that many theatres did not release the movie in Tamil Nadu was dismissed on the ground that there were technical reasons behind the same and it had got nothing to do with the release of the movie. The bench during the hearing also stated that legal provisions cannot be used to affect political intolerance. The Supreme Court was in favour of releasing the movie because it was important to seek justice and also increase the awareness with respect to the social development that was taking place in the society.

However this Supreme Court has also ordered the producers to put a disclaimer with respect to the allegation of conversion of 32000 Indian women to Islam. A deadline till 20th of May has been provided. It is important to note that this disclaimer will be helpful because it will try to increase the veracity of all the claims made in the movie. Some judges have also reported that certain aspects need to be taken into account and this movie cannot be prevented from streaming at any cost. It will definitely be important in order to get proper results on time.

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