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India and Pakistan are not seen similarly by the world

ByJosh Taylor

Dec 11, 2022

India and Pakistan are not seen similarly by the world today, according to s jaishankar
India currently has a considerably greater regional hegemony. India and Pakistan were formerly seen equally by the rest of the world. Today, not even Pakistan does that. We have unmistakably established ourselves as the dominant force in the area, EAM Dr. S. Jaishankar declared in Varanasi.
The external affairs minister spoke to the students at banaras hindu university in varanasi and stated, “when i was your age, pakistan and india were seen equally by the rest of the world”.
s. Jaishankar, the minister of external affairs, stated on Saturday that no more people view india and Pakistan equally because of india’s increased regional dominance. “Jaishankar claims that the country has undeniably become the dominating power in the area. He commended India for having the fifth-largest economy in the world.
No one does that now, not even Pakistan. In the area, we have unmistakably emerged as the dominant force.”
He hailed the Indian diaspora and acknowledged their “increasingly essential role in the global community” as well as their support to “the emergence of India,” hailing India as a leading force in information technology and human resources. “ India used to be the IT back office of the globe ten to fifteen years ago. Indians are now more frequently recognised as inventors.
“The world recognises our expertise and skill, and it is attempting to apply it to its enterprises, he added.
When the rest of the world considers India’s rise, they see the accomplishments and contributions of the diaspora as part of that tale. Since there are so many Indians living overseas, it is our obligation to take care of them, he said.
Jaishankar had earlier visited the institution to check out the freshly opened Kashi Tamil Sangamam Exhibition.Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the exhibition in November as a month-long event with the goal of “rediscovering, reaffirming, and celebrating the age-old links between Tamil Nadu and Kashi – two of the country’s most significant and ancient seats of learning.”
The Ministry of Education, together with the Ministries of Culture, Textiles, Railways, Tourism, Food Processing, I&B, etc., and the Government of UP, collaborated on the show.

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