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Indian Air Force to bring along with MIG21

ByJosh Taylor

May 31, 2023

The Indian Air Force has once again begun the trial of Mig 21 aircraft. This particular aircraft is basically a kind of a fighter jet which is now being tested by the authorities in order to see if it is working or not. It is important to mention that it was only a week before that this particular fighter jet landed on the ground and injured three civilians while it was being tested. The most important objective behind this activity is to check if the aircraft is working properly or not and can be used for the purposes of the security. It is only with the help of this objective that all the officers have decided to test this fighter jet at a secluded location so that no accident is caused and nobody is bothered by the movement at all.

This is one of the most important and integrity parts of the security weapons that India uses in its fleet. Not only this but also all the batches of the fighter jet are now working properly after the repeated testing. But after 2021 these fighter jets were withdrawn from the entire fleet. The most important purpose behind this exercise was to improve the functioning of this fighter jet so that it can be reintroduced in the air force in 2025.

The government has decided to introduce all of these changes for the security of India over the period of time. Different types of complaints has been registered against this fighter jet from different border areas of the country in which these Jets have crashed and caused injuries to the people over the period of time. In a span of 2 months such incidents have taken place three times at a stretch. It was in the year of 1963 that these fighter jets were introduced in the fleet in order to increase the potential of the army and today more than 800 Jets have been deployed. But it is an unfortunate state of affairs that around 400 of these fighter jets have been involved in different kinds of accidents over the period of time. That is why it is in the best interest of the country as a whole to withdraw all of these fighter jets and improve their functioning by testing them with the latest technology again and again till the time the incidence of accidents is reduced to the minimum.

It is only with the help of peace objectives that the government has decided to take such steps. This will be in the best interest of the security force of the country over the period of time. It is only with the help of an effective decision making process that all of the side effects could be reduced to the minimum. This will increase the level of governance in the country to a great extent. The latest Jet would be introduced in the fleet are soon as possible so that it can be deployed once again across the border to enhance the security of the Indian territory

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