• Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

Internet shut down amid fighting in Sudan, and all digital services halted.

ByJosh Taylor

Apr 24, 2023

A massive war has been going on inside the African country Sudan from April 15 till now, which is a planetary war, inside it is that there is a huge war going on between the military and the paramilitary, which the government there. There is a very big hand of the government there. After the coup, all these works were being done there. This use has been going on continuously for the last nine days, there an agreement has been made from both sides to stop this war, in which it has been said that he will stop this war for seventy-two hours or, say, for the next three days and there will be no firing from any side.
Although this shelling is going on continuously, now for three days or within the next 72 hours, the shelling inside will be closed entirely, and there is no possibility of any bullets or gunpowder in any way if anyone violates the ceasefire. This will not be good for them because those who are making compromises by staying in the middle or those who want to end this war from their side want the ceasefire to stop from both sides and by making a compromise between the two. The war should be stopped here.
Both of them have a lot of damage from this war, and their country can be in the most danger.
The American embassy was also attacked inside this flight, which is still closed. Still, America has said that all the people of America have been safely evacuated from there, and their number is being told as 75. It is said that 75 people were present there and taken out from there. Many people from America were also trapped there and brought out safely. However, many people will not be able to get out of there right now. For this reason, the Indian government has kept one of its aircraft there so that whenever an Indian leaves from there, they will take him and leave for India, and now the internet service inside Sudan has also been completely stopped due to this matter. Because of this, the information about this war did not spread much, and there should not be any doubt about him among the people.

For this, all the internet services or all the communication-related arrangements have been completely stopped there, including a ship from Sudan that took 158 people from there to Saudi Arabia. Those people were welcomed, and 158 people were from about 11 countries. Now from there, they will go to their respective countries.

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