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Italy will test Chinese airlines after 50% of passengers in Milan test positive for Covid.

ByJosh Taylor

Dec 30, 2022

After nearly half of the passengers on two flights to Milan tested positive for Covid, Italian health officials will begin testing all arrivals from China.
The Milan tests are also being sequenced to determine whether there are any new mutations, according to a statement from the Health Ministry. If a new strain is discovered, officials may impose harsher restrictions on exiting the country.
Since the Chinese government abandoned its rigorous zero-Covid restrictions, there have been outbreaks of the virus. Uncertainty over the scope of the spread has encouraged countries, particularly the United States, to seek further immigration restrictions.
The Italian government will examine the Milan passenger statistics at a cabinet meeting later Wednesday, when Health Minister Orazio Schillaci is expected to deliver details on the testing.
The majority of people who tested positive had no symptoms. However, local media stated that health officials are becoming increasingly concerned about new Covid variations appearing from China.
In early 2020, Italy was the first European country to be severely impacted by Covid.
While the large number of infected travellers has heightened officials’ concerns, one aspect working in Italy’s favour is its high immunisation rate. According to the World Health Organization, more than 80% of individuals have been properly immunised, and many have additionally gotten booster injections. Across most of Western Europe, the narrative is similar.
In other news, the UK stated it will guarantee it has the required Covid surveillance in place, but it has no plans to put obligatory testing on Chinese visitors. According to Health Ministry spokesperson Sebastian Guelde, health officials in Germany are “closely following” the situation. “We have no information that a more harmful mutation has evolved in China, which would lead to the proclamation of a viral variant area, resulting in appropriate travel restrictions,” he added.
The French health ministry is also keeping an eye on developments and has stated that it is “prepared to look at all constructive measures that may be put in place as a result, in coordination with France’s European allies.”

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