• Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

Landslides in Mumbai

ByJosh Taylor

Jul 20, 2023

The table of rainfall has increased in Mumbai to such a great extent that finally the situation of landslides has also come up and in such a kind of situation it has become important to your life the fact that people must get a proper solution to all of the side activities before it is too late. It becomes important to get the basic idea that the landslide has been taking place at the outskirts of Mumbai but thankfully no casualties and death has been reported so far. It is a duty of the government to take some Street action against these people as soon as possible because if a straight action is not taken against them then automatically it will become difficult for the people to your life be important of health in the times to come and the government will also find it difficult to get a proper solution to all of these issues over the time. It is a duty of event citizens to avoid travelling to these places are soon as possible because it is not safe for the people to be in such kind of places where the risk of landslide has been increasing over the time. The people have got no idea that if the landslides increase then it will be a dangerous situation for the entire Mumbai because a lot of clips will come down and this will take out the water from the sea and the City will become completely flooded.

It becomes important to get to basic idea straight in mind that a lot of people have been struggling the getting the basic necessity of life in all these years in Mumbai and once they have been able to get it nature take that back again in the form of such kind of incidence and that is why the people must be very particular about how they respond and famous always have some kind of CP control measures with them so that we can execute them at the right movement and reduce the amount of loss which would have been caused to them had they not actually implement of the safety measures over the period of time. The level of economy in this situation is definitely going to improve over the period of time and this is a relevant factor which has to be notified in the times to come in any situation because people do not have a basic idea about the way in which things can be executed in such a kind of weather condition and it depends a lot on how people respond to it.

The government authorities have blocked so to parts of Mumbai in order to avoid damage to the property and life but it will be interesting to witness how things unfold over the period of time once again and the risk to the life increases over the period of time without this kind of solution it might be feasible 2 get something straight in mind and it will definitely impose multiple kind of problems in the times to come

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