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Lava has brought its budget phone Agni 2, people have high hopes from Lava

ByJosh Taylor

May 17, 2023

India’s oldest company which is very famous for making smartphones and manufacturing its products inside India is an Indian local company Lava Company which is continuously selling its smartphones inside India, and they have done this for some time. He has paid a lot of attention to the update of his smartphone since he has said that he will launch his new smartphone Agni to India with the highest processor inside India, which has 7050 intensity. He claims It is said that this type of smartphone is going to be the first in India. Before that, no company had launched a smartphone with such a big processor.

The CEO of Lava Company says that Lava has launched this smartphone for a long time, and now it wants to create a different value in the market through this smartphone, due to which none of its smartphones was launched for some time. His market appeared to be a bit faded, although he had said that he would launch his smartphone with new technology in the coming time with the latest updates, and now he has done it right; this smartphone is going to be completely different; the processor inside it is It is considered to be its most prominent feature and the most crucial thing inside it is that its processor is much better than other Snapdragon processors.

Lava Agni 2 may cost ₹ 19999

Lava Agri phone is going to get a massive camera of 50 megapixels, as well as inside it a 44-watt battery, 5000 MAH battery is going to be available, and inside it, its display is kept at 6 points 7 inches, as well as inside it There are many end technologies as well, 5G connectivity has been kept inside it, as well as Bluetooth connectivity has also been kept inside it, three to four such sensors have been given inside it, which make it even more attractive, along with its front camera. Also, 32 megapixels have been kept, and along with this, some new things have also been added inside it, which still need to be fully disclosed by the company; they said that they would be able to announce these things only after launching.

Lava company has high expectations from this phone, and they have taken a lot of time to launch it, so their employees are also continuously working on it, and they say that this phone will be launched in India. It will create a different value as soon as it happens, which will help take the lava company forward in this way. Suppose the company’s market is inside India. In that case, it is a significant achievement for India because outside Companies are establishing dominance more by coming inside India. It is almost equal to them compared to Nokia New Smartphone.

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