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Mamata Banerjee criticises BJP leader’s words on the Prophet and demands their arrest.

ByJosh Taylor

Dec 1, 2022

Indrajit Kundu and Suryagni Roy: Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister of West Bengal, has condemned BJP leaders’ statements on Prophet Muhammad.
Mamata Banerjee labelled the words “hate speech,” saying they triggered “spread of violence” and “division of the country’s (secular) fabric.”
BJP spokeswoman Nupur Sharma made offensive remarks against Prophet Muhammad during a TV interview. The BJP then suspended Sharma following a statement in which it stated that it respects all religions and strongly opposes any disrespect to religious figures. Naveen Kumar Jindal, the media chief of the party’s Delhi section, was also fired for tweeting in her support.
“I condemn the recent dreadful and terrible hate speech utterances by a few catastrophic BJP executives,” Mamata Banerjee remarked in a tweet.
“I sincerely request that the implicated BJP leaders be arrested immediately so that the unity of the country is not broken and the people at large do not endure mental pain,” Mamata Banerjee said in her second tweet.
Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal, also asked people of all religions and groups to maintain the country peaceful and cordial. “At the same time,” Banerjee wrote in a tweet, “I urge to all my brothers and sisters from all castes, creeds, faiths, and groups to retain peace in the bigger interest of the ordinary people, notwithstanding the provocation which we so strongly condemn.”
Mamata also addressed Nupur Sharma’s past remarks on Bengal. Nupur Sharma had previously made deceptive comments, according to West Bengal’s chief minister.
Previously, the BJP lawmaker claimed in a tweet that a lady was being attacked in Basirhat, sparking an inquiry that discovered the incident took place in Bangladesh.
Mamata Banerjee also requested the arrest of the indicted leaders of the ruling party. She claimed that the best location for them is “Tihar jail.”
People took to the streets in West Bengal to protest BJP leaders’ divisive remarks against Prophet Muhammad.
Mamata Banerjee responded by saying that Bengal should not suffer as a result of the words made by a few BJP politicians. ‘Why should we suffer as a result of community politics pushed for petty political gain?’ she questioned.
She also encouraged Bengalis to stop protesting and blocking national roads over this issue.
“Protests are taking place in Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, and other BJP-ruled states. They are not in power in Bengal, so don’t do it for publicity “She elaborated.

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