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Man smuggles antique articles

ByJosh Taylor

Jun 16, 2023

According to a serious investigation it has come forward that a smuggler form India is responsible for transferring around 77 antique pieces from India to the United States of America and the United Kingdom. The culprit has been responsible for exchanging the art and craft of India at a very heavy valuation with the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

The court of New York took cognizance of this entire situation and after completing the investigation the accused was found finally guilty and he has now been given an ultimatum to return all of these articles to India and according to the content of the order he has successfully delivered 15 of such articles to India respectfully. Not only this but also he will have to pay a heavy penalty for this exchange and even the statement of the Museum has been recorded to see if it was also involved in this scam or not. There is a great possibility that the authentication would be lost over the period of time and this would definitely result in increasing the scrutiny over the exchange of the pieces of Art from the Asian countries from where they are usually imported.

The paintings and the sculptures belong to 11th century India and all of them have got a very unique attachment with the country as a whole. They represent the pride of India and if somebody smuggles them out of the country then it will be a major loss to the Heritage Of the country as a whole and the government has to take a strict action against any person who takes this Heritage away from India and places that in another country.. The culprit has been given multiple chances in order to give a statement in his favor but no popular defense has been produced which could convince the court to acquit him because he is completely wrong and no kind of Defence could be responsible to get him out of the trouble he is caught at. The department of the security have decided to expedite the process of sending the articles back to the home country as soon as possible so that the right item is at the right place.

The department of the security will definitely help to seek an improvement in the process in which all the investigation would be completed so that it is feasible for the country to get proper protection to all the people who want to understand the rich culture of India. The proper Ministries will function in order to ensure that such kind of smugglers are properly prevented from taking such a stringent action so that people do not have to suffer at any cost and even the national wealth does not decrease due to such kind of unfortunate incidents.

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