• Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

Many cases have been filed against the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, today will be in front of the investigation team

ByJosh Taylor

May 24, 2023

Imran Khan, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, is currently involved in many cases, he is facing a massive case scam worth 50 to 60 billion, and on top of this, continuous violence has also been seen increasing inside Pakistan. Those who were in his favor have also been seen continuously protesting against the Janata government, the Army Chief of Pakistan, and him. At the same time, those who were not in his favor have also spoken constantly on the Supreme Court and the High Court. That he has taken the side of Imran Khan, and all the judges of the Supreme Court should be replaced because he is only in favor of Khan.

After all these things, Imran Khan himself has now been seen continuously targeting the Army Chief; he has also said many times that the Army Chief wants to get him killed and is trying his best to get him killed. Still, He will not be able to do this at all. The way terrorists were seen at Imran Khan’s house in the last few days and three to four terrorists were killed while running away. After that, the Army Chief has also come into action there. He has said That whoever finds refuge inside the country of terrorists cannot be a citizen of the country, and he is a hazardous person for the country.

The investigation will start on Imran Khan from today.

After all these incidents, a special committee has been formed on Imran Khan, and from today itself, this special committee will discuss all the evidence, witnesses, and all the cases against Imran Khan and will interrogate him. Slowly decisions will be taken on whether Imran Khan is guilty or not. In this case, an entire decision will come very soon, and the way this committee has been formed, the ordinary citizens are in his favor. Those people are saying that this committee should investigate impartially and this committee should not go in favor of Imran Khan in any way, so people have appealed that this committee should do its work correctly and in a good way.

This time was very sad for the people of Pakistan because the way the Prime Minister of any country came inside such a big scam and hiding the terrorists in the house is a big thing if the Prime Minister can do it there. People will not feel safe here at all, and the people of Pakistan also consider themselves in the same way that they do not feel safe even inside their homes because they can be attacked there anytime and anywhere. A Prime Minister like Imran Khan, who has hidden terrorists in his house, is not at all safe for him. This inquiry committee will decide this after impartially investigating all the cases against Imran Khan, the Supreme Court has said.

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