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Ministers leaves Imran khan’s party

ByJosh Taylor

May 25, 2023

The former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan is in troubled waters for the time being. It is important to understand that the Prime Minister has decided to quit the party as many important and strategic leaders have decided to leave it. After all the violence that took place on 9th May Imran Khan has been experiencing a huge amount of pressure. Not only Imran Khan but Fawad Chaudhary who was the most important information Minister of Pakistan during the Government of Imran Khan has also left the party. This is definitely a mutual loss to the stability of the party because he was an essential component of the party. Since he is no longer a part of the government then the support of Imran Khan is also withdrawn to a great extent.

Not only these two ministers but also the human rights minister Shireen has decided to resign. He was a part of the party for the last 50 years. This is the biggest loss to the party which has been existing in Pakistan for the last 70 years. Imran Khan has not given any interview after all of these incidents but has only supported the actions of the ministers who have left the party on the ground that they have lost interest in politics and he cannot force anybody to be a part of this.

This has basically broken the sentiments and fundamentals of the party to a great extent. The ministers who have left the party have appeared in a Press Conference in order to justify all of the questions that the media has to ask them with respect to the decision of leaving the party after so many years of being indulged in it in the capacity of being an important leader. It was only on 9th May that the army gave an ultimatum to Imran Khan To handover all the terrorists that have been hiding in his house and if he fails to do the same then he will be taken to custody once again. These supporters from both the government and the party staged a violent protest in front of his house on 9th May and after this entire episode the public law and the order in Pakistan has been completely affected. Imran Khan has been instigating his party workers to disturb the peace in the country to a great extent.

The other political parties of Pakistan have described this entire episode to be a black day in the history of Pakistan because it is now posing a threat to internal stability and of the nation as a whole and this type of event is definitely not at all acceptable to the entire nation. The police has been installed at different locations in order to prevent all of these kind of violent acts to the maximum possible extent. It is only with the help of collective support that the government will be able to control this nuisance and will also take a stringent action against all those people who are responsible for this.

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