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Modi calls Elon Musk to invest in India

ByJosh Taylor

Jun 21, 2023

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has gone to the United States of America for a very strategic meeting over the period of time. According to the sources he will be in the position to meet a lot of important personalities over the period of time and these kinds of association will definitely benefit India in the long run. As expected, the Indian Prime Minister was expected to meet the owner of twitter who is none other than Elon Musk. The Indian Prime Minister is meeting this personality after the first time he has taken over the social media platform.

This is going to be a very important meeting between both of them which will lead to the foundation of important relationships between India and Musk. According to the sources it is important to note that the existing meeting between both of them will allow the Indian Prime Minister to promote the interest of the Indian continent and also provide better opportunities of investment that could have the effect of boosting the gross domestic product of India over the period of time.

Musk has always been willing to invest in India and he has assured the Indian Prime Minister that he will soon launch the manufacturing facilities for his cars in Mumbai. Not only this but also he will play an important role to make batteries in India for his electric vehicles on the basis of the Lithium production that India always leads in. Not only this but also must prepared his own investment plan for India which could be in the position to provide the best results over the period of time. Such a kind of plan was beneficial not only for his company but also the entire country of India and their was no issue in the way the plan had to be implemented. This is actually incredible that a single visit would be so beneficial for the country as a whole. The Indian Prime Minister will also meet other people such as different scientists and leaders who will help to promote Indian culture in their own way. The Indian Prime Minister is playing a very important role in order to present India in different fields and also attract investment in the best possible way so that the economy could grow to the maximum possible extent over the period of time.

It is only with the help of this assistance from the top level executive of multinational companies that India will try to play an important role in the global economy as a whole. If Tesla is in the position to establish manufacturing units in the country of India then automatically this will be a huge milestone achievement for the country as a whole which will help to develop it in the best possible way. The government will try to improve the possibility of interacting with other Nations as well so that no opportunity is left untouched for the time being

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