• Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

Modi heads for G7

ByJosh Taylor

May 20, 2023

The Modi government has announced its intention in order to take the maximum benefit of the G7 Summit which is being organised in Japan. It has expressed its intention to collaborate with the South Asian countries to the maximum possible extent in order to discuss the Global challenges and also think of the Global Solutions in order to overcome the challenges. Before leaving for the conference the Prime Minister has already expressed in a recent interview that he will be discussing all the important topics in the Summit. He will also make an attempt to draw investment towards the sectors of energy and digital technology to boost the economy of India. In fact India will also try to focus on strengthening its supply chain management in order to become a reliable partner to address Global challenges. The government has always worked for the betterment of the country and this is completely evident from the different measures it has undertaken so far.

India is not a member of the G7 group but the Indian Prime minister has been invited personally by the Japanese Prime Minister. Not only this but also Prime Minister Narendra Modi would be inaugurating a bust of Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi in hiroshima. This is definitely a huge honour for the country. India and Japan share mutual respect and understanding towards each other. The foundation of both of the countries is built on the core values of liberty and freedom including democracy and rule of law. This is the biggest strength for both the countries. India has already become a member of the G20 summit and it recently invited the strategic leaders from the different parts of the world in order to hold a meeting every month within the boundaries of the country. All the leaders belonging to different multinational groups are discussing the important reforms that must be introduced across the international borders in order to increase balanced representation.

India is able to represent interest at the Global platform and also fulfil the constructive agenda behind these efforts. According to most people the problem begins within the mind set of the leaders and that is why the time has come to change and revolutionize the mindset. All the leaders are committed to solve the deficiencies and also put up a tough front against the Global problems of Climate Change and terrorism including financial crisis which is Haunting the South Asian and the western countries in the form of high inflation rate and recession including increasing unemployment. India will definitely play an important role in order to increase the strength and value of the G7 summit and make it as organised as the organisations of which America and Africa are a part of. Issues related to the increasing dominance of Pakistan and China would also be discussed in the submit with other South Asian Nations.

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