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My final World Cup will be in Qatar: Luis Messi

ByJosh Taylor

Oct 7, 2022

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar will be Lionel Messi’s final tournament, the Argentine superstar declared in a chat with Sebasti├ín Vignolo.
Without a doubt, this will be my final World Cup. In the chat, Messi stated that the choice had already been made.

In the latest interview of Leon Messi, he has clearly stated that the FIFA World Cup to be held in Qatar will be his last match. Leon Messi has played 164 matches for Argentina and he is considered a great player in the football world and he has made a place in the football world which is almost impossible to remove.

The number of days till the World Cup is on my calendar. In actuality, there is some apprehension, as in Now that we’re here, what will happen? How will it go? It’s my final one. I am eagerly anticipating it, but I also have a strong desire for it to succeed,” he continued.

Although we have a really strong squad and are in a great place right now, anything can happen in a World Cup, he said. Every game is challenging, which is what makes a World Cup unique since the favorites are not necessarily the ones that win or even perform as well as you anticipate.

I don’t know if we are the favorites, but Argentina is always a contender for significance in history. We are not the favorites; in my opinion, there are teams ahead of us.
Argentina is now on a 35-game undefeated streak dating back to 2019. Messi has performed admirably this year in both his club and his nation.

Messi’s most recent triumph was in the Copa America, which his squad won last year by defeating Brazil in the final. However, the World Cup is a whole other animal, and Messi lost to Germany in the 2014 final despite reaching it.

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