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Narendra Modi, the second prime minister of India going to Australia.

ByJosh Taylor

May 23, 2023

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Australia on 22nd May and was warmly welcomed there. He will be seen addressing the Indian public there because a huge population of Indians resides in Australia. Almost there Will be seen addressing 20000 people, and Indian people are pleased. For the last few days, there has been a lot of preparation, and Modi will organize the meeting inside the city of Sydney, and there is complete security for him.

Narendra Modi is the second Prime Minister of India to reach Australia, and before him, the Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi, arrived there. It is also an excellent achievement for India to visit a big country like Australia and maintain relations with it. Any prominent politician has an identity, and Narendra Modi has shown it continuously. Narendra Modi had visited Australia and, seeing the peaceful atmosphere there, said that the way Indian people live in Australia is vast. It’s a matter of fact, and they constantly maintain a peaceful atmosphere here; this is their most prominent identity.

A city in Australia will be renamed Little India today.

Today, in the presence of Narendra Modi, the name of a small town will be changed there, which was earlier named Harris Park, now the city will be called Little India because the Indian population there is very high, and due to the high Indian population reason is that now the name of that city will be changed. This formal work will be done there only in the presence of Narendra Modi, and Narendra Modi will appear there after changing the name of the city. Presence of the media will be seen there, and the entire Johar monument with its population will also be there at that time.

In this way, spreading the name of India in another country and changing the name of India there is a big thing for the country of India, and the people of India will be pleased because of how the Indians are inside other countries. The population is increasing, and the way Indians establish dominance is a big thing for the country. Narendra Modi said that Little India would be the name of this place, and after that, many other Indian people would also live there. Narendra Modi has expressed full hope that he can come for this; after this, Narendra Modi will meet the Prime Minister of Australia, and both Prime Ministers are very excited about this meeting.

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