• Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

Nhai scandal exposed

ByJosh Taylor

Aug 15, 2023

They we put which has been conducted with respect to the corporation is national highway Authority of India has been baby surprising for the entire country to understand for the simple reason that nobody expected the government to behave in such a way and since the government has been behaving in such a way there is no way out in which it can be sorted out in the minimum possible time difference people have finally decided to take a stands the government those statistics of the report has been public and this actually. This statistics of the report has been amazing to understand in the time being but when it comes to finding out the actual reality then the situation is completely different and nobody can basically think of it that by all of this is happening but for the people to get a basic understanding this to be taught on to them that nothing that we can hold for the time being and it is only with the help of time that everything can become normal but the districts that have been provided by the report I have one again and nobody wants the country to develop in such a negative.

For the people to understand the cost of the construction of 1 km of the IB was a proximity Rs 18 crore but the same has been inflated to rupees 250 crore which is technically 50 times more than the given cost and the government is now answer will to the people for inflating the figures to such a great extent that no amount of justification can answer the questions of multiple people who I now demanding A committee to be established to introgate all is taking place and why is the government to be coming despite the fact that the elections of 224 are around the corner and it is duty of the government to be very particular about all is actions because even is single wrong set can cause the efforts made by the government in the last 10 years and the way in which it has been trying to eat away the public money is definitely not acceptable to the public because they have been paying the money with the help of the income tax and it is something is not available something which always. That all the people want. The government has to take into consideration agree possible step which will be having its own benefit but with the help of time it will not be easier for them to understand by all of this is happening and the be it can be confold over the time.

It is definitely difficult call for them but the people definitely want an answer to all of this functioning of the government so 5 because the cannot afford to lose the hard earned money in such a way and the reactions of the Government have always been supporting to a great extent and people have got no other ways to control such a kind of emotions and it becomes difficult for them to come with the time because this is something which nobody can ever expect to happen and if it continues to happen like this then it will be leaving a very bad impact on the people and the stability of the government in the long way and the people will not have any other option than to elect a new government in the coming election because the power of the boat has always been given to the public for obvious reason and the public must utilize this power after thinking about the pros and cons of every party who is coming to rule.

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