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NIA finds ISIS men in Jabalpur

ByJosh Taylor

May 28, 2023

The National Investigation Agency has undertaken a detailed investigation in different places at Jabalpur only to find a lot of evidence and documents that have helped to unravel the huge plan that the ISIS was making. According to the latest report the investigation agency has found many different types of weapons and incubating digital devices. It was on 24th may that the agency had finally registered a case that they are exciting some kind of terrorist activities in the city after they received a threat from an anonymous email. The investigation authorities conducted extensive search operations at 13 locations in Jabalpur and even arrested some individuals like Mohammad Adil Khan and Mohammad Shahid. Both of them were found in the possession of arms and ammunition. Not only this but also different types of search oppositions have been conducted in order to find out the underground activities that all of these Muslim men were conducting in Jabalpur. The most important objective behind all of these activities was to create an environment of terrorism in the city and also provide material for conducting terrorist attacks in different parts of India in order to establish the Supremacy of this International terrorist organization.

It is important to understand that all the accused have been taken into the custody of the police authorities and the interrogations have already started in order to understand the origin of all of this conspiracy so that any other activity which is being conducted by these groups can be stopped at the initial stage only. It is all a part of their propaganda and the investigation authorities have already increased the level of security and different places in different parts of Madhya Pradesh. These radical individuals are harmful for the country and their activities have to be controlled in the beginning itself. Most of these accused men had a plan to wear local outfits and also carry out violent activities such as love Jihad in different parts of Madhya Pradesh. The scrutiny has increased to a great extent in different parts of Jabalpur. Different types of weapons such as pistols and AK 47 have been recovered from their Homes because they were planning to undertake different types of violent activities not only in Jabalpur but also in different parts of India at the same time which would have been dangerous for the country as a whole.

The investigation has also revealed that these organizations use different channels on social media sites such as YouTube and Instagram to create fake propaganda. It is actually important to understand that WhatsApp was the most important medium of communication with which they used to communicate with the other organizations over the period of time so that the execution of the plan could take place easily. Each and every member who has been taken into custody has given some kind of statement in the long run. This will ultimately help to improve the level of security in the country as a whole which is one of the most important objective of the Agencies for the time being.

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