After successfully executing the all party meeting in the state of Karnataka the leaders of the opposition parties of decided to conduct the similar kind of meeting in Spring roll and this particular meeting will be very important in order to discuss about each and every kind of practice that is being taken place in the state of Karnataka and the monsoon session of the Parliament has been currently locked with all of these kind of measures because people have been discussing the ways in which we can get out of this as soon as possible but the deadlock between the different parties has been increasing over the period of time and there is no particular way in which we can get out of it. The implement tension of being kind of effect will definitely provide the understanding about how things will function in the times to come and once the people realise all of the side effect then automatically will be possible for them to contribute in a better way towards the decision all the leaders in the monsoon of fighting and definitely taking the stand against the given law.

The people definitely do not have the potential for the time being to understand the side effects that we will have to face if the monsoon session goes unemployment in because the next session will happen after a few months until then the important loss the not be implemented which has been playing an important role for the growth and development of the country in the times to come and that is why in such a situation it becomes important to understand that everything has to find its own be out and it is only with the help of proper technology that things can be monitor over the period of time without any kind of failure. The level of growth in this particular Technology is likely to help all the leaders of the political parties to get an idea about the basic fees in which something can be done about it but this is going to become extremely important in the future before it is too late but it depends up on the people in which day consider this factor and also try to find the solution against all of these effect.

The main political party and the ruling party of India have got no idea with respect to the V in which the soil party beating can be avoided a people can be convinced for not conducting this meeting because we have been working to the best of the capacity and there is no particular way out in which we can save themselves. This is going to be helpful in multiple ways and people do not even have to get an idea about what matters to them the most and they have to understand that this is the only way in which things can be come normal over the period of time and they will have to get along with these complications as soon as possible so that nobody questions them in the times to come