• Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

Pakistan’s risk of default increased further

ByJosh Taylor

Jun 20, 2023

The economic condition of Pakistan could be stronger at this time, and the way it has taken loans from all the countries and now no country is ready to give it money even on interest. Even its condition has now become like this. If by the end of this month, $ 4 billion is not deposited in his account, he will declare default from the IMF, and for this, he has sought a loan from the IMF, but the IMF has clearly refused to give him any loan. He will not give up because his loan is already pending, so he will have to pay it first; only after that can he get a new loan.

Now this time is challenging for Pakistan; if it passes correctly, its country can be saved. Otherwise, Pakistan will soon be declared bankrupt because it must take money from other countries. It is alleged that he is constantly visible and has borrowed a lot of money from China. Still, he cannot deposit his instalments continuously, so in the last few days, China has given him an ultimatum that he Deposits his instalment as soon as possible. Still, looking at the condition of Pakistan, China also extended its request a little further and said that it would not give the money. Still, the time to return the money to China is extended slightly further.

Pakistan should fill $ 4000000000 by the end of the month or borrow $ 4000000000 from its neighbouring countries.

The situation in Pakistan is getting worse at this time. Now it is constantly trying to fulfil the request given to it by the IMF and the way they have requested that they can provide them with a loan. Still, the IMF has categorically refused to give any loan to Pakistan because Pakistan does not continuously deposit its loan at the right time, and the system inside Pakistan is seen continuously falling. After that, no one had hoped that Pakistan would come from above or not, so no country was ready to give a loan to it.

Then he has to conduct elections within October, for which he will need a lot of funds, but till now, Pakistan does not have any arrangement for this fund, and it has to raise election funds. He will also need to take loans from other countries, or he can also ask for help from other countries.

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