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Pallavi was seen in the promotion of her upcoming film.

ByJosh Taylor

Sep 20, 2023

Vivek Agnihotri is famous for making films in a completely different way within Bollywood. He has made films like Kerala Story, Kashmir Files and such. In a way, his only issue is that he will constantly try to show the complete truth to the country, which tea is always hidden inside the films, and he will continuously try to show that which is shown as a lie so that people can be made aware of it in any way. So that he does not remain under the illusion that it is entirely dependent on the action of the upcoming film, the way the vaccine was prepared and, what things were used in preparing the vaccine, how the vaccine inside the coronavirus. The effect that we got to see all this kind of saree thing has come to the fore, and they will try to show it entirely in the upcoming film, and this film is ready to be released very soon.

Allen’s first film to be made on the vaccine in India. No new director has tried to make a film on vaccines until now, but Vivek Agnihotri has already prepared a plan for it and said that he will continuously work on it now. He will try to live up to the ideals shown in the films as much as possible, and if there are any shortcomings in these films, he cannot see them, so he will try to make continuous efforts for this, and his actions will be fully implemented. It should be successful because this time, the way people will try to know the truth inside the country and how the corruption is done inside the vaccine will also be shown here. There is a complete fear that it will be shown here. is going

Pallavi is very excited about her upcoming film.

Pallavi is very excited about the upcoming film and is ultimately directing this film towards her. However, the producer of this film is Pallavi herself, and she does a lot of work in her husband’s film. The way she worked in the Kashmir files and the way she worked in the location files, she is now completely ready to work on vaccine films, and her work in the developed film result will be done in a completely different way. He will be seen working in a completely different role. However, he also said that the general public likes him very much, and the general public likes his films very much. He also likes to watch more.

Vivek Agnihotri has always been a victim of many controversies regarding his films because his films are constantly seen in some discussion or the other, and this time, the film being made on his vaccine may become a victim of considerable controversy. Still, There was no mention of backing down in any way, and he said that he would devote himself to the art of publicity as soon as he could. However, during the interview he took with him, he said he was not looking at getting involved with Bollywood in any way. He does not want any films to be made in Bollywood because Bollywood has become entirely rubbish. Nothing is left in Bollywood, and he releases new things entirely. He tries to do this, and his constant effort is to keep trying to reach those things which are not getting the general public, and in this effort, he will be successful very quickly.

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