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PM Modi of India visits the scene of the collapsed Morbi bridge.

ByJosh Taylor

Nov 2, 2022

Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister, went to the town of Morbi in his native Gujarat to personally witness the scene of Sunday’s bridge collapse, which claimed 135 lives.
Days after it reopened following repairs, the 140-year-old bridge across the Machchu River gave way.
Divers are still looking for the victims’ remains.Nine people have been detained, including workers for the company hired to maintain the bridge.
Under British administration, the 230m (754ft) bridge was constructed in the 1870s.A “technical marvel,” according to the state’s tourism website, it reopened this week after being closed for renovations for months.
The brothers who perished in the Indian bridge accident According to reports, the structure was occupied by hundreds of people when it fell. Others clung to the debris while some dove into the seas below.
The swiftly rushing flood took many victims away. The majority of the victims, according to officials, were women, kids, and old individuals.
The major takeaways from the investigation must be put into practice as soon as possible, according to Mr. Modi’s office, who highlighted the necessity for “to undertake a full and extensive inquiry” after visiting the scene on Tuesday.
as the PM visits, search for bodies continues From Gujarat’s Morbi, Geeta Pandey At the government-run civil hospital, which I visited in the morning, men were bringing in new beds and clean linen for the injured patients.
Since stores are reopening and there is street activity, the lives of the town’s residents are gradually returning to normal. However, Jhulto Pul, one of the town’s most popular tourist attractions and the location of the tragedy on Sunday, is completely quiet.

The only sounds one can hear are the rescue boats’ engines purring as they continue to circle the murky river waters in search of any additional bodies.
Emergency personnel searched the river on Monday in small boats, navigating its murky waters and mangrove plants in search of the missing. Hundreds of locals also contributed to the effort as distraught family members looked for their loved ones.
The rescuers had recovered 134 bodies before dusk. Tuesday morning saw the resumption of the search. So far, at least 170 people have been saved.Gujarat will observe a day of grief on Wednesday. Authorities promised to carry out a thorough inquiry after questions about whether safety inspections were carried out before the bridge was reopened were raised.
According to the police, all nine individuals seized had ties to the Oreva organization, the business entrusted to manage and repair the bridge.
They are made up of two managers, two contractors, three security personnel, and two ticket sellers. Senior policeman Ashok Kumar Yadav claims that they are being investigated for responsible homicide that is not murder.
The business is accused of a number of offences, including among others failing to get a fitness certificate from the municipality.
Regarding inquiries regarding the collapse, Oreva has not reacted. Some are inquiring as to whether senior managers at the business will also be looked into. Even as the search for survivors went on, the city’s two primary crematoriums were full on Monday. Locals took it upon themselves to carry out their last rituals in cases where entire families were wiped out in the disaster.
Siddique, who accompanied his companion to see the bridge, claims to have been searching for him since Sunday night. We were still there in the middle of the bridge when it fell. I managed to escape by holding onto a section of the collapsed bridge, but I have no idea where my friend is He claims.

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