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Putin announced that an African strategy might serve as a base for peace in Ukraine.

ByJosh Taylor

Aug 11, 2023

The suggestion claims several alternative steps to end the crisis involving a Russian force withdrawal from Ukraine.
Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, stated that the initiative proposed by the African leader could be the initiative toward peace in Moscow’s war on Ukraine. Still, it is stated that the Kyiv attacks made stopping the hostilities virtually impossible.
On Saturday, the Russian leader passed a statement in Moscow right after meeting with the leaders from Africa in Saint Petersburg and focusing on their call; Russia can now proceed further according to their plan.
According to the Reuters news agency, the purpose has many vital points that help resolve the conflict; this also involves the Russian troop pullback, suspension of international criminal court, no usage of the Russian nuclear weapon in Belarus, and also shift of all the weapons from the region, suction relief and permit an arrest warrant against the Putin. However, much detail about the proposal needs to be shared or published.
In addition, many things seemed impossible to work on or tough to implement, like a ceasefire- also, Ukraine is modernizing; they are on the planned fight; how can we continue all this?Putin stated.
This effort can only be bilateral. But efforts like China is trying can act as the foundation for certain processes that might result in a good conclusion. However, there is no contradiction or competition, he stated.
On the African plan, Kyiv has also poured cold water. At the start of this year, a 12-point Chinese proposal was released calling for an eventual ceasefire and a de-escalation in Ukraine. Now the ceasefire deal was rejected by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskky. This would give Russia time to identify after 17 grueling months of the war and give it control over about 5% of its country.
Also, he stated that this was crucial that the peace talks would be fruitful; Moscow moved his forces from the occupied Ukraine territory, and the statement given by Russia was not negotiable.
However, discussing the peace talks, Putin mentioned that we are not rejecting them but that if we want to start this process, there must be an agreement on both sides.
Amid the turmoil over the ICC arrest warrant issued over the war crimes that belong to the kid kidnapping in Ukraine, the Russian president seemed to play down missing an economic summit in Johannesburg, South Africa, next month.
When a journalist asked if he was not going to attend the meeting, Putin stated, “ in contact with a co-worker from the department of the developing economies as BRICS and stated he did not “ also stated that my here presence is more important in Russia right now as compared to my presence in the BRICS summit.
The foreign minister of Russia, Sergey Lavrov, stated that he would attend the summit, and his purpose is to bring the leaders of China, Brazil, Russia, and South Africa on one forum. Also, he mentioned that he would be part of the meeting via a video link.
The Russian president must be detained if he entered South African soil since South Africa had signed the Rome treaty that established the ICC.
Also, South Africa is dropping some valid hints that they support him and the possibility that Putin would not arrest if he attended, but he has also been pleading with him to stay away to avoid the issue. Also, the Putin is not allowed to travel anywhere or in any other country that has ratified the ICC tertiary since his indictment, notwithstanding the Moscow rejection of the warrant. As per the analyst reports, the public discussion about the Russian president’s potential trip to South Africa was an unnecessary development for the Kremlin.

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