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R Praggnanandhaa hopes to become global champion in three to four years.

ByJosh Taylor

Dec 1, 2022

R Praggnandhaa, a chess prodigy, feels becoming a world champion is a feasible goal and has given himself three to four years to do it.
One of the country’s youngest grandmasters, the 17-year-old defeated world champion Magnus Carlsen three times in six months, an achievement that will go down as one of his career highlights.
He recently defeated Polish GM Jan-Krzysztof Duda in his finest match of the Meltwater Chess Champions Tour Finals.
Yes, my ultimate objective and goal is to become world number one and world chess champion, and I believe it is doable in the next three to four years,” Praggnandhaa told PTI before departing for Rashtrapati Bhawan on Wednesday to collect the Arjuna Award.
“I don’t believe it should take long.” It is realistically conceivable if I continue to play well and move in the correct path.”
Praggnanandhaa and reigning world champion Carlsen opted to play chess near the historic Bay Bridge in San Francisco during the Meltwater Chess Champions Tour Finals.
“Yes, I’ve been in great shape lately.” And I’m regularly performing well. I am deserving of the Arjuna Award. I don’t believe the prize was given at an early stage. It’s a reward for your efforts. It’s beneficial to the sport.” “I believe the honour will inspire me to reach new heights and will also inspire other chess players,” he added.
Praggnanandhaa, the youngest player to defeat reigning world chess champion Carlson, feels that in order to reach his aim, he must face better rated opponents.
“I intend to play higher-ranked opponents. I must choose the best worldwide championships. I also need to enhance my ELO ratings. Yes, there are several jobs at hand, but as I already stated, they are all reasonably achievable.”
Former world champion Viswanathan Anand, he claimed, has been a steady source of inspiration.
“Anand sir was the first to inform me that I may one day be a world champion. I want to demonstrate that. He is providing me with all of his assistance and support. I’m confident my game is getting better by the day.”
He stated that he has only one goal in life: to be the finest in the world.
“I’ve focused all of my efforts in one direction. But it doesn’t imply I’ve turned off my other faculties. I read a lot and keep up with current events. But chess is my life, love, and everything.”
When asked if there is anything he needs to work on, he indicated he intends to attempt a few new things but won’t reveal them at this time.
“The game of chess is all about rediscovering new things, fresh openings, and mid position play, which I will attempt to better and innovate.”

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