• Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

Rahul gandhi applies for ordinary passport

ByJosh Taylor

May 24, 2023

Rahul Gandhi is actually caught in troubled waters after he was sentenced to an imprisonment of 2 years for defaming the Indian Prime Minister. Not only this but also this decision of the court led to his disqualification from the Lok Sabha in the capacity of being the member of the Parliament. It is important to understand that ever since then his lawyers have filed an appeal against this imprisonment and he has not been taken behind the bars for the time being. But now Rahul Gandhi has moved to Delhi High Court in order to get a no objection certificate so that he can get a fresh passport. A detailed exchange of argumentation has already taken place and the court has allowed him to get a new passport for the purposes of travelling till the time the appeal is pending in the court of law. After surrendering his diplomatic passport, Rahul Gandhi has not even applied for an ordinary passport and now the court has granted permission to apply for an ordinary passport because that is a basic right of every citizen of India.

The opposition leaders have not criticized the decision of the court of law on the ground that it is a matter of evaluation of rights and the leaders have got nothing to do with the decision of the court. Application of an ordinary passport cannot be denied on the simple ground that he is a respectful citizen of India and their is no reasonable opportunity of believing that he will try to create any kind of problem in the investigation and also abscond from the country in order to prevent himself from getting tried. He will only do what he has been authorised by the court and he will not try to cross the limit which has been set by the order of the court. A huge penalty would be imposed on him in the form of fine and imprisonment if he tries to breach the order of the court.

This decision has been taken after complete deliberation and discussion with all the judges so that the miscarriage of justice does not take place at any cost. The government will also try to ensure that possible efforts are made in order to establish the rule of law so that all the citizens follow the same and do not try to do anything which is against the intention of the Constitution of India and the law made by the legislation so far. This is the best lesson that the Judiciary can teach the public at large.

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