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RUSSIA IS READY FOR NUCLEAR REVENGE, Exercise monitored by Vladimir Putin

ByJosh Taylor

Oct 27, 2022

Russian president Vladimir Putin monitored the practice launches of the nuclear force of Russia on Wednesday. It is involving both the ballistic and cruise missiles in a show of force amid rising tensions with the west over the Ukraine conflict.
Defence minister Sergei Shoogu reported to Vladimir Putin about the practice launch program by calling it “a massive nuclear strike” by Russia as a reward for any attack on this country.
The strategy by Putin warned everyone to shut down attack plans on Russian territory in reference to the country’s nuclear weapons.

On that day a land based missile was launched by the nuclear force of Russia. This missile is an intercontinental yars-land based missile but it was a test fire with no live bomb inside it. It was fired from the northern Paletsk launch site, Russia. On the very day Russian nuclear force launched another ballistic missile from the water, named as “Sineva ICBM”. It launched from the Kura firing range to the far eastern site of Kamchatka Peninsula. Some cruise missiles are also tested by the air force (nuclear) by Tu-95 air craft at the targets for practice. Russia claims these missiles as test purpose and none of them are live.
According to Kremlin’s statement all the test fires are accomplished with suceces and all are fully ready to launch at their selected targets with no issues.
In the mean time when the NATO is conducting it’s own yearly nuclear practice in the north-westernarea of Europe, Russia came up with it’s nuclear exercise. Russian force will continue this practice launch named “Steadfast noon” till 30th October, 2022.
This nuclear practice includes around 60 air crafts in which U.S. bomber B-52 and fighter jets are involved. These air crafts are able to carry nuclear weapons but will not carry any live bomb during the practice.
Russia will conduct this type of exercise in every year in order to prepare Russian force for any nuclear war in which land, air and water are involved. Russia has conducted this type of practice just before sending soldiers into Ukraine.
According to Washington this practice was pre-informed by Moscow. Russia claims that they started this drill in order to reward Ukraine for blaming Russia in order false flag attack which involves a radioactive bomb aka “dirty bomb”. Ukraine and its friend countries have stated this allegations are completely false.

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