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Shocking incident comes to notice in Delhi

ByJosh Taylor

Aug 11, 2023

A very shocking incident has taken place in Delhi as many of the school going children who used to study in the school has been falling in because the location of the school in which they were living voice approximately very close to the ultimate railway station and a workshop and due to the miss management of the authority of daily dangerous gas and it has been made by the children due to which they have falling in and the hospital is definitely filled with the school childrens is not brought before the government then.

automatically will be leaving a very bad impression in the mind of a people and something has to be done in advance in order to find out that who is responsible for all of this mess and one the liability of the person has already been accounted for that person would be punished the soon as possible so that a kind of set for a lot of people and they also know what must be the cost of action for everything that has been taking place. It is not that comfortable for the people to allow and even witness which will win falling in due to the miss management of the government because it is the most important duty of the government to protect the children because they are considered to be the future of tomorrow and if the government field is particular duties in definitely people can’t expect much out of it.

But the things have not been that easy for a lot of situation and it take time to accept that it is with the help of proper time that the government can Discover by all of this is happening and what is the reason behind all of these solutions because if the government does not keep the check on the activities of these official then the day is not 5 then a major lost would be figured out and this would be leaving a major impact on multiple solution which would be difficult to company him to over the period of time. It is not like that the government has not an anything for the students but this time the matter has become very serious because it is the Sold His wants ability of the railway authority to take note of all the gases that have been stored inside it but if the government is not able to take control of even such a small activity then automatically it will be responsible for causing the use amount of loss and the people cannot even find out why all of this is happening but the government has to understand the gravity of the situation and then this gravity is not understandable then it has to be monitor over the time.

It is difficult to a comedy to a lot of situations because it is all beyond the level of control but with everything that has been going the head it is going to become out of coverage area for a lot of concepts but the government will definitely conduct in examination to discover that why all of this has happened and also to install measles that will try to prevent all of these activities ine D future because if these activities are not controlled with the help of adequate majors then every exercise will be few type because no solution would be reached so much period of time.

The solution to all of these issues is not new but the approach to all of these issues is definitely the new one because the government has to find out why the negligence on the part of the government is being reported time in a gain and it is ultimatly becoming the reason of divyances of lot of people and the government has to find out as soon as possible before it is too late and international pressure also increased. and if things go well then automatically it will be beneficial for the government to correspond in the times to come

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