• Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

Situations to worsen for Manipur

ByJosh Taylor

Jul 21, 2023

The situation in Manipur is completely cool out of control and it is hurting for the government to take some action as soon as possible because it is becoming a great to the democratic structure of Indian society and it is a responsibility of the government to help India in the best possible way and take over the responsibilities of governing a state as soon as possible because this is going to be the most efficient and economical method of finding out solutions over the period of time. It is important it to not that the situation in Manipur has been already in a complicated state for the past years and now that it has been in the form to complicate to the maximum possible extent things are coming out and it is definitely leaving a very bad impression because nobody could have actually expected all of this to happen anytime soon. The opposition parties has been noun demanding that the government of Manipur should be in the position to pass a no confidence motion and at the same point of time will request the imposition of the president rule as soon as possible because the situation has gone beyond the level of comprehension and nobody could have actually expected this to happen this page.

The government has decided to take a straight action as soon as possible before the student because if a stret action is not taken the automatically it will become difficult for the people to survive in that particular state because Manipur is a very integer part of India and it has been able to lead to multiple conclusion so over the period of time but for the time being it becomes its family important to note that the safety of the people in Manipur has become the most important matter of concern for the government now and they have to take a strong action as soon as possible and level of law and disorder increases. The opposition parties are also demanding the imposition of the President so that the central government takes the command of the state as soon as possible and people do not miss out on any opportunities over the period of time. The support of the government in finding out multiple type of face is extremely amazing and it has to find its own Treasure over the period of time before it is too late because people do not have any kind of solution and they are waiting for the government to take an action and take over the command as soon as possible.

The difference of the government in managing the situation will play a white and role in order to decide the future of the state and if the government has been able to successfully manage all of these activities then automatically this will have its own facility over the time. It is definitely the best way in which something adequate has to be done and it is a duty of the government to take immediate actions for the time being in order to avoid confusion over the period of time and also find out better ways to get the stuff that is needed to a great extent.

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