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Sri Lanka was seen speaking in favour of India

ByJosh Taylor

Sep 27, 2023

The relationship between Sri Lanka and India seems to be very good at this time, and I always defend India’s role ultimately, just as the previous Prime Minister of Sri Lanka was entirely against India, but for Sri Lanka, I have thanked India a lot for the fact that India has helped Sri Lanka a lot. Sri Lanka is also fully ready to help India in every field, and Sri Lanka will never step back from India. He will always be prepared for India. If India needs Sri Lanka in any way, then Sri Lanka will never step back, and for this, he thoroughly talked to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also said that The way the economy of Sri Lanka had gone down, Sri Lanka was about to be declared entirely bankrupt; at the same time, India held its hand and brought it back up in India because the situation there was utterly controlled by India. I can’t see that the people there have perfect thoughts for India.

On the other hand, in India, it has also been entirely said for Sri Lanka that due to the way Sri Lanka came to India and cooperated with India, India is ready to stay with it forever, and India wants to maintain good relations with its neighbouring countries. But some neighbouring countries are seen doing a lot with India in which the names of China and Pakistan were kept at the top because China and Pakistan are ultimately making terrorist activities here. They were also seen to have a conspiracy against India for which India was never ready to support them. In contrast, Sri Lanka also wholly stopped the activities coming from Pakistan and China, and they said that If anyone left for India from there, they would never allow him to do such a thing. He will always stand against it. All the people selling sarees from China will be sent to Sri Lanka only after thoroughly investigating them. They get a place inside.

Sri Lanka gave a big statement against Canada.

Sri Lanka wholly sided with India and said the Government of Canada was not doing well. The situation inside Canada has become horrible, and how Canada creates terrorists inside its home is entirely shocking. This doesn’t seem right. The government of Canada should never step back from this issue. Do not make any terrorist videos. By doing such activities, their country will be seen entirely as such, and it will have no such consequences on the land of India. Still, it will make a lot of difference to the Canadian government because many Indian students are living in Canada. The Canadian government should fully consider the benefit of this type of activity against India. Sri Lanka will also stand against him because Sri Lanka is a significant friend of India.

Many other countries are seen standing together with India at this time. America has also taken a step forward, and Canada’s government is very concerned about this. They should think a lot about how they feel when such activities take place in their country, and if any Khalistan group is active in India in this way, then India should try to destroy the Puri philosophy. Still, Canada should also be blamed entirely for this. Efforts will have to be made to eliminate the Narayan government. It can never create terrorists. A lot of thinking will have to be done for the beginning of Canada, that is why it is said that the Indian government will be seen entirely taking action against it.

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